Posted on Apr 17, 2020

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What Is My Home Worth Now!
Really, there are two house worths, the value to the worth and the homeowner to the potential buyer. Regrettably, both values are emotional and not truths based upon market information
The property owner has time in the house, household, years of memories, kids growing up, maintenance, possibly blood sweat and tears in room additions, cooking area or bath improvement. Certainly the owner places a high value on his/her castle and rightly so The buyers on the other hand see things in a different way and act upon various emotions.
The purchasers are looking for that emotional stimulate at the very first viewing. The necessary first impression is what drives the potential buyers ... initially. From there the impression quickly relies on cost, the expense to get in the home, the closing expenses, the regular monthly notes, the taxes. Should I make an offer? What is the least I should use?
.Market value is somewhere in between these two emotional extremes This is where the appraiser comes in with an objective viewpoint backed by market data
Market price is specified as the price a prepared purchaser will pay to a willing seller for a services or product. In real estate, this is referred to as an "arms length deal" indicating both purchaser and seller acted willingly and not under duress
Where does the appraiser begin and how do they reach those magic numbers called Market Value? It is not magical at all; it is a systematic series of
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